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interspecies adj : arising or occurring between species; "an interspecific hybrid" [syn: interspecific] [ant: intraspecies]

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  1. Ocurring or arising between species; interspecific.
    - Dakota Fanning and the rape scene that shocked America, The Week, Issue 600, page 15.

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Jim Nollman (b. Boston, 1947) is a composer of music for theatre, an internationally distinguished conceptual artist, and an environmental activist. He graduated from Tufts University in 1969.
In 1973, he was commissioned to compose a Thanksgiving Day radio piece for a U.S. national network, and recorded himself singing children's songs with three hundred turkeys. He has recorded interspecies music with wolves, desert rats, deer, elk, whales, and dolphins.
He directed one of Greenpeace's first overseas projects, at Iki Island, Japan, where fishermen were slaughtering dolphins to compensate for human overfishing.


He is the founder of Interspecies, which sponsors research on communicating with animals through music and art, and promotes a model for communion between species. Interspecies' best-known field project is a twenty-five-year study using live music to interact with the wild orcas who inhabit the west coast of Canada. Nollman is currently directing a project in Arctic Russia to protect the last beluga whales in Europe, and is learning how to communicate with these whales.


Jim Nollman is the author of five books, including The Man Who Talks to Whales (Sentient Publications, ISBN 0-9710786-2-9) and Why We Garden (Sentient Publications, ISBN 1-59181-025-6). He has also written essays which are anthologized in several collections of nature writing. He is contributing editor of the largest whale site on the Internet, with 10,000 visitors a month .


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